Why Etlworks?

If you are reading this, you have most likely already answered the question:

“why do I need a data integration tool anyway?”

The answer is probably any combination of the things below:

  • I’m tired of dealing with the complicated inputs and outputs and don’t want to write a custom code anymore.
  • I need a way to connect to all my data, regardless of its format and location.
  • I need a simple way to transform my data from one format to another.
  • I need to track changes in my transactional database and push them to my data warehouse.
  • I need to connect to the external and internal APIs with different authentication schemas, requests, and responses.
  • I want to create new APIs with just a few mouse clicks, without writing any code.
  • Generally speaking, I’d prefer not to write any code at all.
  • I don’t want to worry about backups, performance, and job monitoring. I want someone to manage my data integration tool for me.

If this sounds familiar, you are probably in the process of selecting the best tool for the task at hand. The truth is, most modern data integration tools are quite good and can significantly simplify your life.

Etlworks is so much better.

By selecting Etlworks as your data integration platform, you will be able to implement very complex data integration flows with fewer steps and faster.

The key advantages of the Etlworks:

  • It can read data from all your sources and load it into all your destinations, including most databases, file storage systems, and more than 150 SaaS applications.
  • It automatically parses even the most complicated JSON and XML documents (as well as other formats) and can connect to all your APIs and databases.
  • It is built for Cloud but works equally well when installed on-premise.
  • You can visualize and explore all your data, regardless of the format and location, before creating any data integration flows.
  • You probably won’t need to write any code at all, but even if you will, it will be just a few lines in the familiar programming language: SQL, JavaScript, and Python.
  • You can use SQL to extract and flatten data from nested documents.
  • Etlworks is a full-fledged enterprise service bus (ESB) so you can create data integration APIs with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Etlworks can integrate data behind the corporate firewall when working together with data integration agent. Read more in this blog post.
  • We provide world-class support for all customers.
  • Our service is so affordable that you won’t have to get board approval in order to use it.
  • No sales call is necessary! Just sign up and start using it right away.

Test drive Etlworks for 14 days free of charge.

Author: Maksym Sherbinin

Co-founder of Etlworks.com, living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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